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What you should know before makeup application on different skin types.

What you should know before makeup application on different skin types.

Olly skin.


No matter how well a makeup product could conceal, a good looking, healthy skin could make the makeup only look better.

In this article, we are going to tell you about makeup on oily skin, what’s important to know when you apply makeup.

What is oily skin?
it’s a skin type, that is specified by excessive sebum production on certain parts or the entire face. When the skin is “oily”, that means that the glands responsible for sebum production are producing more than the skin actually needs.
When applying makeup on such skin, having all this excessive oil will be your enemy, so before you even start you better take care and remove it.

If you apply makeup on oily skin, the oil will cause the makeup to smudge and shift, which is not flattering and noticeable on camera and in real life.

For the beginning, it’s good to remove the excess oil. Oily skin is likely to break out, so keeping good facial hygiene is important to avoid black or white heads. Find a washing solution that is suitable for your oily skin type. Some products might be too strong for some people.
Another necessary step is to apply toner. Why and is the toner important? The toner will help you by cleaning the pores, shrink them and balance the PH level of the skin. Avoid toners who contain alcohol, because alcohol dries out the pores and the effect is more oil production.

After cleaning and toning the skin, comes turn to moisturizing. Not every oily skin will need moisturizer, but some people with oily skin might have some dry patches of skin. If this is the case with your oily skin, then apply light moisturizer only on the dry areas.

Having excess oil will make you look shiny and greasy. To prevent looking oily, use mattifying products. Either spray or cream, find what works for you the best.
During the day while you or your client wears make-up, the skin will continue producing these oils, so oil control is a must when retouching the make-up. Just apply some oil control powder, but be careful not to build too much product on the face. Otherwise will look cakey. Another good tip when retouching makeup is to use blotting tissues or sponges, instead of trying to cover with more makeup.

These are the basics for preparing oily skin for flawless makeup application.  If your skin type is not oily, but you are curious to find out what the professionals are suggesting for you – stay tuned!

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