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What you should know before makeup application on different skin types.

What you should know before makeup application on different skin types. if you have dry skin.

Dry skin


Under every amazing looking makeup, a well-prepared skin is hidden. And if your or your client’s skin happens to be dry, here’s how you should prepare it for makeup application.
Why the skin is called “dry”?
There are two types of skin dryness. First one is caused by lack of water in the body, and the second one is caused by lack of oil on the skin. The effect is faster ageing of the skin and building up of patchy, dead and dry skin cells. Causes of skin dryness could be dehydration and poor diet, bad or inappropriate skin care, environment and climate change and ageing.

Knowing what you are dealing with makes handling it easier! Here’s what you should know about before makeup dry skin preparation.

Like every human being, the skin types are really individual, so the dry skin is. The dryness on some skins could be concentrated on some areas of the face, or to cover the entire face and sometimes the scalp. Either case face exfoliation is necessary for the dry skin! The dead skin, that builds up on the face will make the makeup move and shift. The exfoliation is a process of tiny, rough particles, scraping off the dead skin of the face/body. Depending on the sensitivity and dryness of the skin, lighter or deeper exfoliation could be performed. If the dead skin is left under makeup will act as a barrier and the foundation will not only shift but will flake off! By exfoliating the dead skin, the makeup product will have access directly to the skin, will apply better and will have a more smooth finished look. Dead skin will act as a barrier and will prevent the moisturizer to penetrate the skin, one more important reason to exfoliate

The next important “must” for the dry skin is the hydration! Hydration is what the skin needs to stay young. Either drinking water/electrolytes or using moisturizing products, it’s a daily step to follow in order to keep the balance of the skin.
The moisturizers will act as a barrier between freshly cleaned pores and pollution coming from the surrounding factors. Depending on the level of dryness, the skin will require one, two or more layers of moisturizing. If the skin is dry after one application of moisturizer, the skin will dry out with foundation on, and the product will be soaked in and look patchy. That’s why second coat of moisturizer is amazing for extreme cases. Apply the same or product with a different formula. Find what works best for you and the client, always give time to the skin to absorb the product before you apply foundation. That’s how you’ll be sure you have a perfect surface for further makeup application. If you are doing makeup for a photo session, using oil for moisturizing will keep the skin hydrated under the camera lights. Use lightweight essential oil, so does not ruin the makeup and make it last less.

Preparing and taking care of dry skin does not require more than cleansing, toning and moisturizing, but the care of it must be consistent, inside and out.

These are the basics for preparing dry skin for flawless makeup application.  If your skin type is not dry, but you are curious to find out what the professionals are suggesting for you – stay tuned!

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