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What you should know before makeup application on different skin types.

What you should know before makeup application on different skin types if you have combination skin type.

Combination skin.


Combination or combined skin – sounds strange and confusing, right?
Often people with combination skin have no idea, that this is their skin type and make mistakes when performing daily skin care routine and makeup application.
We are here to tell you what is combination skin and how you should get it ready for makeup!

This specific type of skin type is a combination of dry and oily skin. If you’d like to know more about dry and oily skin, make sure you check out our articles and get more detail information about both of the skin types!

Usually, the dry skin is concentrated on the sides, top and bottom of the face – cheeks, forehead, neck. The oily skin is concentrated in the centre of the face – nose, between eyebrows, chin. The proper way to deal with combination skin preparation is to deal with specific areas in a specific way.
Often people with combination skin make the mistake to use toners for oily skin, just because their nose and nose area produces a lot of oil, and they use oil reducing products also on spots with no need of oil control. The result is making the dry areas of the face even more dryer.
Keeping this in mind, prepping the combination skin should start with careful observation – seeing how oily are the oily sections and how dry are the dry sections. This is how you’ll know if the dry areas need rougher or lighter exfoliations if they’ll need a single or double layer or moisturizer. On the other side, an oily skin with a light amount of oil production could be prepped by light oil remover – cotton pad and facial cleanser, but if it’s producing lots of oil, an oil control product should be used.
Maintain the hydration – if you notice the oily parts need hydration, use a product that will match the skin needs. Often oily skin needs little to no moisture, but every skin is different, so there is no exact rule and amount of how much you should use.

Other than dry skin, the oily skin could have really large pores. If the case with you or your client is the same, use pore primer. The pore primers are product who fill in the pores, but you should be careful not to overwork and apply a lot because it will affect the application of the foundation. All these oils and dry skin will do nothing but prevent all the skin care and makeup products to penetrate the skin and to have long lasting, good looking makeup, the good skin prep is a must.

If you haven’t seen our other articles on What you should know before makeup application on different skin types, make sure you read them. They contain information, that will help you understand your skin better. No matter how good is the make-up artist or products, without a good skin care and skin prep every makeup will look bad in no time after application!

Hope you liked our article series and you found them helpful! Comment down below what do you think, do you know more about skin care, makeup trends and products. Let us know what are your interests when it comes to creating beauty!


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