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Essentials for hair protection. Summertime hair care.

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It’s everybody’s favourite season – the summer! The sun, the ocean, the pool and every other amazing place where you could enjoy your time under the sun shine. You know that you have to be protective to your skin while you are exposed to the high summer temperatures, but did you know that your hair needs some extra love and care during summer?

Here are some essentials for hair protection from the high summer temperatures!

Stay hydrated! Not only your body and skin needs water and hydration but also your hair. To keep it hydrated use deep conditioning products. A good tip is to double condition the hair when washing it. First, apply the conditioner to the hair tips and length, then apply shampoo to the roots. Once you’ve rinsed both of the products, reapply the conditioner to the length and tips of the hair. To lock the moisture in, make sure that you are not washing your hair under hot water! The heat from the water will open up the hair follicles and the moisture will “escape”.  To trap the moisture into the hair wash with lukewarm water and try to rinse with cold water the tips and length of the hair. This is also a great anti-frizz tip!

Use protection! You might enjoy the natural highlights during summer, but the truth is your hair is affected by the UV lights and you know that’s not good at all! If your hair is coloured, the UV lights will oxidise the colour and you might end up with ashy looking blond, instead of the blond you’ve paid so much for in the hair salon!  Lucky for you there are stylish ways to protect your hair and still look good – wearing a hat! Yes, it is this simple but so effective and protective!

Avoid washing! Naturally, your scalp is producing oils, that will protect your hair from drying out and the chemicals in the pool. That’s why is a bad idea to wash your hair often or before swimming. Your hair will have nothing on, so the seawater or the pool water will soak in the hair coticules. The effect will be dry, hard, dull looking hair.  That’s why make sure before getting your hair wet while enjoying summer, don’t wash it, and even you could apply some natural oils to act as a barrier between the hair and the water.  Once you are done with your summer activities, then we suggest you use a natural shampoo or sulphate free shampoo that will put the Ph level of your scalp back in order.

Avoid heat! The last thing you want during the hot weather is to apply more heat to your hair. Try not to blow dry at all but if this is not an option for you, then use heat protecting products and set the blow-dryer to the lowest setting. Try heatless or “overnight” ways to polish your hair look and have hot hairstyle for the hot, summer days.

These are our advice to you on how to protect your hair during summer. From now on you could be sure that you’ll be enjoying not only your summer holiday but also your summer hairstyles!
Comment down below what are your hair routine-go-to for the summer season!

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