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Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do they make you after all?


Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do they make you after all?

The mirror – an everyday item, could be found in every household, professional makeup/hair salon, in the dentist office, on telescopes, on our cars even on The Moon!

We’ve been using them for centuries to look at certain reflections. In the beginning, they were made out of well-polished aluminium, tin or silver. Nowadays mirrors are made of glass and the most popular usage of mirrors among the female population on Earth is to use it for beauty purposes.
The mirror evolved into more women-friendly variations, rather than just being placed in a frame, hanging on the wall of the bathroom.

Due to makeup and hair lover needs, the beauty industry transformed the old fashioned mirror into vanity lover must have. But how was the makeup mirror created in the first place?

Every mirror is made out of clear glass, which is perfectly cleaned and then liquefied tin covers the makeup mirror to be glass. Next, comes a silver coating followed by copper coating, so your makeup mirror will last long, long time. Finishing touches are added by coating the mirror with paint and curing it on high temperature – and that’s the short story.

After these steps, the fun part begins – the mirror is cut into different shapes and sizes and transformed from pocket-size to professional mobile makeup mirrors, walls, doors, makeup vanity’s – you name it!

And now that you’ve learned some scientific facts for your beloved makeup mirror, you’ve got a great story to interact with your friends or customers while you do their makeup or hair.

I’ve been always curious about how the things around me are made, and since my mobile makeup mirror is one of my all time favourite beauty items, so I decided to share with you this story.

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