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Seven basic makeup items every woman must have

Seven basic makeup items every woman must have

These are the 7 
makeup items that every woman should keep on their Makeup Vanity

  • A good moisturizer – moisture is e key to young and fresh looking skin and it’s a perfect base for further makeup application.


  • A foundation that actually matches you – there’s nothing more beautiful than finding this rare-pare, true matching foundation. Some women need two of them because their skin changes during seasons and some can only get to the right shade by mixing two colours together. Try out what works for you best and go for it. Having the right foundation takes your makeup to a whole new level.


  • Blending tools – there’s nothing more sophisticated looking that well-blended makeup and investing in beauty blender or blending brush will change the way of your makeup application.


  • Good quality mascara – the appearance of the eyes has a major role when doing your makeup.


  • Blush – depending on your skin tone, blush colour varies. If your skin has red undertones, a softer and lighter blush would fit better. And if your skin has yellow and brown undertones, more vibrant colour with pink, brownish or gold undertones would be just right.


  • Lipstick – depending on the size and colour of your lips, your skin tone, different shades would fit you the best. But when it comes to makeup essentials, a must would be having a nude lipstick and a bolder colour one. So you could be prepared for everyday makeup and occasional makeup.


  • Makeup Mirror – find the right makeup mirror for your needs. If you wear glasses and eyeliner is mission impossible for you, then buy a magnifying makeup mirror. It would help you see in detail and nail the cat eye! If your vanity corner has no access to direct sunlight or the lightning from the ceiling lights behind you during the night time, you should consider buying a lighted makeup mirror. Lighted mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, from pocket-sized magnifying lighted make-up mirrors to wall mounted makeup mirrors. The lighted makeup mirror will guarantee you that your makeup will look the same as when you were applying it, so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised.
    These are the seven makeup items I think every woman must have. I hope enjoyed reading my post and found it helpful! I would be really happy to see which makeup items are in your must-makeup list!

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