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A myth every makeup lover should now

A myth every makeup lover should know

When it comes to our favourite beauty products and tools, we all know how precious and essential they are for our passion – beautiful makeup.

There is a myth from ancient times for one of beauty-addict-must-have pack items, and yes it is the mirror!

We’ve seen all these “no mirror makeup challenges” on the internet, and all we know that nothing could help you to get that perfect cat eye except having a great makeup mirror.

So here’s the story behind your beloved makeup mirror.

It all started in ancient Rome. The Romans believed that the reflection in the mirror is the image of the human soul. They also believed that the human’s life renews itself every seven years, so breaking a mirror would mean breaking your soul, and it would last the whole seven years until the soul renews itself again.

You probably won’t get actually 7 years of bad luck if you break your mirror, but it would be very sad to say goodbye to your trusted makeup buddy.

Now you know that the only thing you have to worry about if you break your makeup mirror is having to buy e new one.

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